Hair extensions

Real hair extensions, in particular, are incredibly popular due to their natural appearance and quality. Clip-in hair extensions are a number one selling product because they offer an instant full head of real hair in a matter of minutes. Many women benefit from extensions as they are a quick boost to hair, and often, confidence.

Better quality manufacturing processes and raise ethical standards in the supply of hair for extensions means you can now buy extensions in the confidence that you are getting a high-quality product and get it on by an expert who has done hair extension training from a good institute. Unfortunately, due to the product’s popularity, you should also consider paying a premium. Real hair is in less supply across the globe.

So it’s best to verify that you make the right product choice straight away. If you’re thinking of purchasing extensions, what should you look out for, and what are the profits?

Best quality real hair extensions should be made using 100% human hair. Look out for packaging that carries this product quality as many inferior products may state “real hair” but are actually a mixture of synthetic fibre hair and human hair.

You should also know the fact that the best quality extensions contain ethically sourced human hair. In other words, the manufacturer can provide full traceability of the donor’s hair and that it comes from a donor who is both ready and remunerated for donating hair. Ethical extensions which are capable are always the recommended option by experts who have done excellent hair extension courses.

Extensions are most suitable for a cosmetic boost to your existing full head of hair. You should avoid using hair extensions to help recognize hair loss. Unfortunately, hair extensions will not recognize thinning or bald patches on the upper scalp. Extensions can increase the problem by placing a strain on existing follicles. However, if you’d like an immediate boost to your hair, then real hair extensions offer a great solution.

There are many types of extensions: temporary fuse in extensions provide a semi-permanent solution where specially-formulated heated glue fuses your existing hair with the extension. With special care, this type of extension can last for some weeks. Clip-in extensions offer an immediate change of appearance within minutes. Many individuals benefit from using clip-in extensions because they want to transform their look without depending on a hairdresser.
Thanks to advances in hair technology, extensions can be provided in block single colours, ‘highlighted’ – containing several shades of colour and, the latest trend, ombre – where hair appears dip-dyed. Always seek the advice of a hair extension expert as it is important to choose the best colour match and method of attachment for you. You can also join hair extension training at Cardiff.

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